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District 947: Reunion Islands

Located in the Indian Ocean, Reunion Islands is an overseas territory of France. As part of France, it is located in the Euro Zone. The nearest Island to Reunion Islands is Madagascar, which is located some 200 kilometers from this island. St. Denise is the capital of reunion islands. The reunion Islands is a member of the Indian Ocean Commission.

The reunion Islands was occupied by the Portuguese in the 17th century and was one of the Portuguese’s trading zones.  The Island came under French territorial protection as a result of the overrunning of the Island by the French during the Second World War.

Interesting facts and figures on Reunion Islands

  • 2,512: the size of reunion islands in kilometers square.
  • 839,500: the total population of reunion islands as per the 2012 official statistics.
  • 14.9: this is the GDP of the reunion islands in terms of Billions of Dollars. When equated to the population, you get a per capita income of $ 18,200 per individual.
  • 1946: the year that this Island nation became an overseas territory of France.

The major economic mainspring of this nation is tourism. And it is via tourism that one can experience the richness that reunion islands have to offer. Inevitably, you will need the services of a car hire company to get around reunion islands.

There are dozens of car rental service providers on the reunion islands. The cars that they let out to their clientele range from Sports Utility Vehicles to simply sedans that you can use to get around these Islands.

Most of these are located in the North and Western part of the reunion islands. Established car rental firms have offices at the main airport at St. Denise. When you rent a car from the airport, you are at an advantage as you do not have to worry about car drop off; you will simply drop it off at the airport’s parking space upon departure.

Prior to leasing a car rental, there are a number of questions that you might have to address; these are:

  • The type of vehicle that you intend to lease
  • The condition of the vehicle – This is important in the sense that it determines the rates of leasing the car. Relatively new cars tend to be expensive whilst older vehicles are used to get cheap car hire options to clients.
  • Insurance – No car rental facility will let you walk away with their asset prior to being convinced that you have an adequate insurance package. Make sure you understand what insurance package you are about to purchase before you make that decision.

If you can meet all these demands from various car rental agencies, then without doubt, you will be able to hire a car from any car hire agency in reunion islands. The reunion island is a modern state that you require visiting. You will definitely love being there. Be sure to rent a car to be able to explore the reunion islands far and wide.

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No Problems But Scratchy Car With Dents

The staff woman was friendly and spoke some english. a dent at the top of the back flap was not seen by the staff and myself and i had to go back to the office to have it noted. one catch of the parcel shelf was damaged and i had to make a temporary repair myself by means of wire. almost impossible to get the black filt floor clean without a vacuum cleaner. otherwise pay 40 euros.